Wednesday, September 5, 2012

News From Cameroon!!!

  picture is from
     Today I received news from the director of the Wotutu (Cameroon, Africa) Center for Biblical Studies concerning the farm that we helped establish there back in March.  Things there are going very well.  We have only had one major problem and that is concerning the rabbits.  We have weather problems there (too cold at night) that killed our rabbits :(.  We are currently working to develop an earthen rabbit cage that should provide some climate control for the rabbit (see pic to the right). I believe a setup similar to this will truly help remedy some of the hot/cold/rain issues by providing the rabbits a place of natural security.

Large Breeding Snails!!!

 The picture to the left is of the snail farm we built while in Wotutu.  It is doing very well as you can see from the abundance of snails everywhere in the pen.  They truly love to eat snail in Cameroon and during the dry season the snails bring top dollar.  I am so proud of Elangwe and the students for being so diligent in caring for these animals.  These large snails are also the breeding stock for the rest of the snail farm. These snails should be able to provide a large amount of food for the school.  Below is a picture of the eggs from the snails.  We built a separate pen for the eggs and baby snails because the large snails will eat them if we dont separate them.

Snail Eggs
Baby snails

Baby Ducks
 They are also raising ducks for eggs and meet.  To the left you can see the picture of the first set of babies they have hatched.  They are doing great and the mother duck is setting on another nest of eggs!!!

Below is a pic of the goats that they have acquired.  You can see the baby girl she recently gave birth to.  They are both strong and healthy!!!

Goat and her baby

Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Member of the Farm

Rooting up lots of weeds
 I know its been a little time since I last posted on here but I am going to commit to posting our progress on the farm more. 

Today we were able to procure a new special member of our farm.  We went to a small animal auction this morning and sold two buck goats. Fortunately for us, there were not very many goats today and thus the price went HIGH.  I was able to get $80 for one and $70 for the other!!!  We went hoping to buy a piglet as well and right as we were preparing to leave they brought in two piglets.  One was black and one was this little girl.  After some fierce bidding we won her!!! My kids were so excited.  They sang "We gotta pig, We gotta pig, We gotta pig, Hey, Hey, Hey!" nearly the whole way home.
I put it in the big pen by the barn that was full of weeds and she immediatly went to work tilling up the weeds for the roots!  We don't own a roto-tiller but i think she might be better. 

Im not sure what breed she is but I am going to find out.  It was humorous, Kelly and I sat there and watched her root for almost two hours.  Now all we need is a boar and we will be in the pig breeding business!!!