Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Mount Maru  - this is our view from the school
So far our classes have went quite well. They have been well attended, full of students each day with no room for more.  It has been such a humbling experience to be here with these men.  One student came from 16 hours south of here and another traveled over from Uganda.  Several of these students have been trying to raise rabbits but unsuccessfully.  We have been teaching on rabbits the last 2 days and they have each had "ah ha" moments where the light has come on and they have seen what they were doing that was causing them to be unsuccessful. 
Rabbit Hutch built by students with rabbits purchased locally

Right now it is 7:30 am on Wednesday morning and today we will start teaching on how to raise Tilapia.  They have already bought a large tank for the fish and purchased around 90 fish.  We are going to be building a 50ft by 75ft pond in the field to put the fish in.

Brother Gee's daughters cooking French Fries

I have certainly not lost any weight this trip to Africa.  I have been fortunate enough to eat with the Gee family each day at lunch and dinner and they have been superb dinners.  We have had hamburgers, fajitas, and a number of other delicious meals.

Today I plan on start filming for our how-to-raise  video series.  The weather is perfect, right now it is in the mid 60's and not supposed to go above 80 today.

Monday, January 28, 2013


It is around 9pm here and it is starting to cool down a little.  We had a good flight over and no problems getting to the school.  I taught all day today and we had good attendance and the students participated very well.  We had one student that is a graduate of the school who traveled 16 hours to come to our course on raising rabbits.  It is truly a humbling experience to be here with these Christians.  They have already built several rabbit cages and purchased the rabbits and they are doing very well.  Our internet is hardly working right now so I will not be uploading photos today but hopefully tomorrow I will be able to.      One interesting note from the trip is that while in the Houston airport I was able to meet a gentleman from Chad, Africa.  We had a Bible study (he is a catholic) and he was very interested.  We exchanged email addresses and he emailed me yesterday telling me that he is looking for a man in Chad to baptize him and is looking for a congregation to worship with!!  God is truly good.....