Friday, January 23, 2015


What an exciting and educational week Gregg and I have been blessed with to be here in Fort Myers, Fl, learning how to improve what we teach overseas in helping improve the livelihoods of our brethren in developing countries and with the preaching schools and orphanages.  Its great to get to learn and develop our skills in agriculture and dealing with developing world cultures.
Our class at Echo this week (Naturally Im the only one in a ball cap!!!)
We learned about everything from how to develop and care for the soil to growing ground covers and even integrated livestock systems.

Monday, January 19, 2015


Today Gregg and I started a class put on by Echo International on Tropical Agricultural Development in Fort Myers, Florida.  We are constantly striving to increase our knowledge and abilities to teach in third world countries and we are thankful for the opportunity to learn from a group who has been working in this field for over thirty years with great success!

Today we were able to tour their GLOBAL FARM which has eight different global zones recreated on 50 acres of pure awesomeness!!!  I have never seen such a diversity of plants and animals in one small farm.  The research work and teaching they do here is truly remarkable.  The teachers and staff are truly in love with agricultural development in developing countries and have been so helpful already to us.  We are going to be helping put in a preaching school in Uganda and we are going to be making it self sufficient and there has been so much taught to us today that we can put into use there and many other places around the world!!
I have put some pictures below of our tour of the GLOBAL FARM from today!
Swiss Chard and Onions

Dwarf Papaya


Turkey neck Chickens!!!

Jack Fruit

Deep Litter Pig Pen

Its Gregg!!!